While at sea

Now you’ve set sail on this once in a lifetime opportunity, we’ve prepared a guide to help you through the super yachting industry.

PYA (Professional Yachting Association)

The PYA is an amazing organisation based in Antibes in the South of France and exists primarily to represent the interests of professional yacht crew. PYA offers a huge range of services to yacht crew such as ‘Service Record Books’ ‘Testimonials’, and much much more services to crew, making your career on superyachts as easy, as efficient and as professional as possible.

Here at YONZ, we HIGHLY recommend you become a member of the PYA which will expose you to all of this. Explore PYA’s website and become a member of this amazing organisation.

Setting Up an Offshore Bank Account

One of the most important steps in becoming a financially successful yachtie is having the correct bank accounts set up. As yachties, we are paid in either Euros or US Dollars. If you have your monthly salary paid straight into your home bank account you will likely be stung heavily with exchange rate fees when converting your money from Euros or US Dollars into NZ Dollars. This is why it is very important to have your salary paid directly into an offshore bank account to the currency of your choice eliminating these awful fees.

Here at YONZ, we highly recommend using the Wise (formerly Transferwise) international banking system where you are paid directly into your Wise account using the currency of your choice.

When opening a Wise account which is done by yourself and is very quick and easy, you will receive your own bank account number along with all other relevant information such as sort codes, IBAN’s, routing numbers and SWIFT/BIC codes which then allows you to be paid, deposit, withdraw and transfer money in and out of this account with absolute ease.

Within your Wise account you are also able to open further accounts of different currencies that you can move money between using a better exchange rate than your bank can provide, much lower fees than what your bank would charge and it can done be done in the matter of seconds. 

When you open your Wise account you will be sent your own multi-currency debit card which can be used at ATM’s all over the world using the local currency which makes it perfect for yacht crew who are bouncing around countries and using different currencies regularly.

Further benefits of yacht crew using Wise include:

  • Ability to hold and convert in 53 currencies
  • Send money to 80 countries
  • Users are charged as little as possible along with no subscription and no hidden fees.
  • Shop online with ease using the debit card and low exchange rate fees.
  • Known as ‘the travellers card’ 
  • Ability to use Google pay and Apple Pay
  • Spend and receive money from 53 currencies around the world
  • Account can be accessed by from your desktop and/or the amazing Wise app.
  • Very good global customer support system accessible in a range of languages.
  • Money is held in established financial institutions 
  • Regulated all around the world
  • Two factor authentication is used to protect your transactions

For more information about Wise offshore banking please follow the below link:

And if you think this is a bit of you and you are ready to open up your very own Wise account, please follow the below link to the Wise homepage. Good Luck!!

Get Your Ocean Going Passport, the ‘Service Record Book’

A ‘PYA Service Record Book’ is a full and true record of a seafarers certifications and service at sea. It is a highly recommended document that tracks your seagoing history for your own records, as well as for future employment demonstrating you have served when and where you say you have.

It also has other benefits such as providing leverage when applying for visas, helping crew obtain cheaper airfares by purchasing marine fare tickets, allowing for extra luggage (which depends on the airline and/or the travel agency), and also proof of identity and purpose when travelling from, to and through less familiar countries.

Obtaining an SRB is very simple, once you register with the PYA they will create your own very own SRB which they will either hold on to for you. When you progress through your career you will complete testimonials to verify your sea service, which the PYA then enters into your SRB on your behalf.

You will learn about sea service testimonials in one of the following pages.

Becoming a New Zealand Non-Tax Resident

If you are a New Zealand tax resident you are taxed on your “worldwide income”. That is income from New Zealand as well as from other countries. If you receive overseas income while you’re a tax resident of New Zealand, you’ll need to declare it with the IRD. Generally, New Zealand will give a foreign tax credit for any foreign tax paid.

When am I considered a tax resident of New Zealand?

You are a tax resident in New Zealand if you:

  • are in New Zealand for more than 183 days in any 12-month period and haven’t become a non-resident, or
  • have a ‘permanent place of abode’ in New Zealand, or
  • are away from New Zealand in the service of the New Zealand government.

What is the 183-day rule?

If you’ve been in New Zealand for more than 183 days in any 12-month period, you’re considered to be a New Zealand tax resident from the first of these 183 days. The 183 days don’t have to follow each other. If you’re in New Zealand for part of a day it is considered as being a whole day. If you’ve ever been resident in New Zealand under the 183-day rule you remain resident until you become a non-resident.

A permanent place of abode in New Zealand

A person, other than a company, who has a “permanent place of abode” in New Zealand is a New Zealand tax resident, regardless of how long they’ve been out of New Zealand. A place of abode will be a person’s:

  • permanent place of abode if it is a lasting or enduring place where they usually live, or
  • place in which they can live or dwell when required, in a locality with which they have a durable connection and that is a current focal point of their living.

To be a permanent place of abode the dwelling must be a place that the person is able and likely to live on an enduring rather than temporary basis.

This means that to have a permanent place of abode in New Zealand there must be somewhere in New Zealand that you could live, ie, a house or other dwelling. If there is somewhere in New Zealand that you could live then you need to consider:

  • what your ties and links with New Zealand are (presence in NZ, accommodation, family and social ties, economic ties, employment or business, personal property, intentions, benefits and pension), and
  • whether these are strong enough to establish that you have a permanent place of abode in New Zealand.

Am I still a tax resident when I have left New Zealand?

Yes until you have been out of New Zealand for 325 days in any 12-month period and you don’t have a permanent place of abode in New Zealand. If you’re here for only part of a day it’s counted as a whole day. The 325 days don’t have to be consecutive.

For further information and clarification, please visit the link below to the ‘International’ section of the Inland Revenue Department’s website.

Getting Your Cash Earnings Back to New Zealand

Getting money back into a New Zealand bank account is literally as easy as 1, 2, 3. There are a few money transfer websites and apps out there, but the one we highly recommend and use frequently is Transferwise.

Instead of being stung with large exchange rate fees when making a transfer from bank to bank, Transferwise does the transfer from Euros or US dollars to New Zealand Dollars for you with only a very small administration fee charged. Besides, it is a highly transparent, quick, and 100% legal transferring process. Don’t worry, you are not laundering money.

Transferwise can very easily be used online or over the app. Let’s get that hard-earned cash back home.

Completing Your First Sea Service Testimonial

Whether you work in the deck team, the interior department, as an engineer, a chef, an officer or a master, it is important that you complete a testimonial every time you sign off your vessel either for a holiday or permanently.

A testimonial is a document detailing who you are, the capacity in which you served (your role on board the vessel) the length of service provided to the vessel during this period under the different circumstances e.g ‘actual days at sea’ or ‘actual days with guests on board’, and the duties which you held or achieved.

It is very essential to have up to date testimonials, not only for yourself and your own official seagoing history, but also for potential employers who may want to check up on you and see that you have actually served the proclaimed times and locations. As well as when you are furthering your career in doing your Officers and Masters certificates. Having these up to date and precise testimonial records are very important for your career progression.

Visit PYA’s Guidance and Templates for Sea Service Verification to obtain the appropriate testimonial for you.

Once you’ve completed your testimonial form, send it back to the PYA where they will update their records.

Keeping Your Employment Options Open with Saltwater Recruitment

Keep the great team at Saltwater Recruitment up to date with what you are up to by sending them an updated CV.

If you are on the hunt for your next position, or you may not be actively looking for your next position, it is still a good practice to keep your CV up to date and active just in case that dream position is available.

Fill out your details below, attach your CV and you’ll hear back from the Saltwater Recruitment team very soon.

First Name

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Date of Birth


Please select the positions you are interested in.
Desired Position: Deck

Desired Position: Interior

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Contract Type

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Preferred Start Time

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Vessel Size

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Additional Qualifications/Certificates

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Receiving the correct Tax and Accounting advice in New Zealand

Here at YONZ, we know and understand that complicated financial circumstances can arise. You may be uncertain where you stand with your offshore earnings from a tax residency perspective, or you may have some offshore earnings you would like to do something with, but are unsure how to structure your next step. This is why we have teamed up with Chartered Accountant Hamish Baker from ‘Baker Accounting’. Hamish understands and can relate to these challenges. He will work with you on each step to achieve your desired outcome.

To get in touch with Hamish, fill out your basic details below, and Hamish will get in touch with you to schedule an appointment.


Number: optional



As yacht crew, we have a bad habit accumulating quite a bit of cash relatively quickly which ironically can be a bit of an issue.

You may start asking yourself questions like:

“What am I supposed to do with all of this money?”

“How can I manage this money correctly?”

“How do I know I am making the right financial decisions?”

“Living expenses and interest rates are rising, how can I offset this?”

Insert The Money Men!

‘The Money Men’  was founded up on the North Shore by two mates, Josh Farry and Kale Emery, with Josh also being ex Superyacht crew, so he understands exactly your questions and challenges.

Their aim was to create a financial advice firm to create a movement to financially educate everyday New Zealanders.

The finance industry can be very transactional. People don’t like to be sold to. They know this.

They thought, why not create a business designed to give away good, free information and make it as easy as possible? That way people can make their own informed decisions when it comes to their money.

This led to our radio segment on The Rock FM with Jay & Dunc – giving financial education to the nation.

They are now a non-traditional finance “firm” that actually cares. We have a solid team of genuine people who give genuine advice. No hard to understand jargon here.

‘The Money Men’ team are here to help Kiwi’s be better with money and improve the financial literacy of all New Zealanders.

The services ‘The Money Men’ provide include:

  • Money Management
  • Mortgages
  • Kiwisaver
  • Insurance

If this sounds like a bit of you and you’d like to know more about these legends, please get in touch by filling out the below form and the team will get in touch to arrange a bit of a yarn.

Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Overseas Membership

Now that you are established overseas as a yachtie, we recommend you that you carry on your RNZYS membership with you around the world.

What this does is it gives you reciprocal rights to 50 other Yacht Clubs all around the world.

Please download the membership application file and resubmit your updated information to update your membership with the RNZYS.



Upload Application


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